The therapies I do and love

MASSAGE – My massage is deep tissue style and really gets to the nitty gritty of muscle knots and tangled fibres to release stored tension. Also check out .

REIKI – Reiki is Spiritual energy and I am simply a channel for it to flow through. A treatment stimulates you to self heal bringing balance to mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects.

THE COMBO – A deep tissue back, neck and shoulders massage followed by relaxing, rejuvenating Reiki.

YOGA – I teach a fusion of Hatha, sometimes gentle Sivananda style and other times more dynamic flowing Vinyasa.
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In a little more detail…..

I think a lot of therapists give the kind of massage they themselves would like to receive and I’m no exception. Deep tissue massage can involve the use of elbows and knuckles to stimulate knotted muscle fibres to release. I talk you through a breathing sequence and as you focus on the breath, the body begins to relax and I can untangle you. Many people are quite surprised at how much the breathing helps them to let go and dissolve pain and I love the fact that we are working together, in tune, to relax, realign and refocus. Sometimes the massage stimulates quite a profound release of ‘stuff’ stored in the body, triggering an emotional detox. Every body carries stress and tension in different ways and different places, so each massage I give is designed for the individuals needs on that particular day. I believe Reiki has given me an ability to intuit the body on a very deep level and I’m guided to the areas where tension, stress or issues are held.

The Reiki system originates from a man called Usui Mikao born in the 19th century, who taught his students to self heal using Spiritual practices and disciplines. Healer heal thy self. Treating others is only one aspect of the system, for a practitioner Reiki is a way of life encompassing meditation, energy cleansing, self treatments, precepts, mantras and symbols.
I believe Reiki is one of the best Holistic treatments as it really does work on the whole of you. It seems to unearth the root cause of an ailment, which may well be emotional, mental or spiritual yet manifesting in the physical. To receive Reiki you remain fully clothed, unless you’ve just had a massage. Lying down on the treatment table or sitting up-right in a chair, whichever is more comfortable for you, I lightly place my hands on your head and tune in to your energy. I am then guided (subconsciously by you) to place my hands on various parts of the body and open as a channel for the Spiritual Energy to flow through. You pull the energy in, I do not push it. Sometimes the treatment is quite structured and I place my hands above the main energy centers in the body – crown of head, brow, throat, heart, solar plexus, navel and groin – know as chakras in Indian philosophy. Other times the treatment is purely guided by our combined intuition and my hands are drawn to specific places. Different people feel different things during the treatment and I discuss this with you before and after the session.

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The word yoga has it’s roots in Sanskrit and one of the translations is union. It is the union of mind, body and spirit which brings about an ability to look at life and its aspects with a balanced perspective. As with the Reiki system being more than just hands on healing, Yoga is more than just physical exercises, it is a way of life and a deeply Spiritual philosophy that is thousands of years old. There are many different styles of yoga but the philosophies and paths lead you to the same place, unity with Oneness.
I love bringing lunar elements in to the practice, depending on where the moon is situated in the zodiac and what body parts that corresponds with. I also bring awareness to the chakras when we hold asanas (postures), breathing in to the energy centers and regulating the flow of prana (energy of the universe). I teach groups and private classes in lots of different places, see events & links page. For private classes or small groups – or call me on 07816782865