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Lovely comments from lovely clients

Tamzin is a star! Her massage is amazing, I always feel great after I’ve seen her. Claire – London

Tamzin is a power house of energy both inside and out!
She creates safety and compassion through her massage and reiki sessions that leave you feeling loved and peaceful.
Her inner knowledge appears instinctively when needed and she shows her true light through it. No doubt that she will shine with her yoga teaching too as her passion for this lifestyle is total…..I love her as my friend, peer and past sister! Helena – Bedfordshire

I spoke to my Mum in France today and she described to me the amazing experience she had with your distant Reiki on Tuesday.
She said she felt it straight away, just like if a very strong hand was pushing her into the mattress of the bed. Then she felt all sort of things, stomach gargling a lot, a big pain on her back exactly where she had her operation and also on the haemorrhoid. She also said she felt when you stopped doing it because the big hand released her.
She felt better the next day but had pains in her abdomen. Today she feels good with no more pain, the haemorrhoid almost sealed. AMAZING isn’t it? Your magic touch did it again. You’re amazing! Emilie – Asia

I love Tamzin’s yoga classes and the way she teaches according to the moon’s positioning. It makes so much sense when she explains we are 80% water so of course, the moon would affect us like it does the ocean. She is always so happy and positive, teaching the class with love and humour and I always leave the class feeling some of that too. Lindsey – London

At the moment whilst I’ve been having Reiki I’ve got a cold and a cough but it hasn’t affected me as much as it did the last time when I was on my big block of chemotherapy treatment, so maybe the Reiki has got something to do with that. Also at the beginning of the treatment for leukemia I was getting lots of aches and pains but not now so maybe the Reiki that I’ve been having everyday has helped that as well? Lily age 10 – Hertfordshire

I can hardly describe how much I look forward to my massage and reiki sessions with Tamzin.
My usually aching back is healed with more overall mobility and all the while I feel energized whilst simultaneously calm and relaxed in body. I think that she has a genius way of homing in straight to the root cause of problems be they physical or psychological.
Along with the benefits of her strong healing hands I love the fact that she sprinkles her sessions with nuggets of helpful advice about posture and nutrition and these days I always have a helping of reiki at the end of a massage, which is odd for me. Having never tried reiki and being a very analytical type I was quite sceptical about trying it out and somewhat determined to stay alert to what was happening during the sessions to prove it does not work… often bombarding her with questions at the end to see if we were on the same page so I could check my ‘feelings’ with what she was doing. But each time I’ve had reiki I cannot deny that something tangible happens (proof is proof!) and even stranger still, I am always astounded that I fall asleep even in my determination not to!
I have recommended Tamzin to many of my friends who all agree that after seeing her, you are lighter, brighter all together happier in mind and body. We are all avid fans of this beautiful person!” Mehrnoosh – London

Tamzin is a fabulous teacher. She imparts an impressive breadth of knowledge with an easy style that never intimidates or intrudes but rather gently inspires confidence in people like me who haven’t done too many yoga classes. I felt included and educated at her classes and it has given me the push required to step on to a more regular yoga path. She should be available on the National Health. Joe – St.Albans

Tamzin I had no prior knowledge or expectation of how reiki would or could help me, but I emphatically believe today that the shift in my conciousness and attitude towards more healing which is helping me come out from hiding behind my MS must originate in the reiki treatment.
How unbelievable could this be if my MS improves because the reiki treatment is helping things surface to give me the opportunity to deal with them. I understand that by surpressing my emotions for long enough eventually, they will show themselves in physical illness. I already feel a bit better just by writing this feedback to you. I have no other explanation for feeling in a better place physically than as a direct result of your reiki treatments and thank you for taking the time to come and do this for me, as you said I needed to get some physical relief first – more mobility to enable me to get to the gym and out and about in general. Love you Tam x David – Hertfordshire

When Tamzin came into my life I was literally a frenetic stressball. Through her Reiki sessions I have learned to re-balance myself, let go of old negativity and deepened my own Spiritual experiences. I have a different view on life and people which I believe are for the better. She also healed my dog after he was hit by a car and the vet wanted to put him to sleep. Tamzin has changed my life. Amanda – London

Tamzin is a friend, a confidant and someone I trust implicitly with all my emotional and spiritual needs. She is a guardian angel! Suzie – London


The therapies I do and love

MASSAGE – My massage is deep tissue style and really gets to the nitty gritty of muscle knots and tangled fibres to release stored tension. Also check out .

REIKI – Reiki is Spiritual energy and I am simply a channel for it to flow through. A treatment stimulates you to self heal bringing balance to mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects.

THE COMBO – A deep tissue back, neck and shoulders massage followed by relaxing, rejuvenating Reiki.

YOGA – I teach a fusion of Hatha, sometimes gentle Sivananda style and other times more dynamic flowing Vinyasa.
Gift vouchers available for you to treat someone special to a present that will leave them feeling full of love and light!

In a little more detail…..

I think a lot of therapists give the kind of massage they themselves would like to receive and I’m no exception. Deep tissue massage can involve the use of elbows and knuckles to stimulate knotted muscle fibres to release. I talk you through a breathing sequence and as you focus on the breath, the body begins to relax and I can untangle you. Many people are quite surprised at how much the breathing helps them to let go and dissolve pain and I love the fact that we are working together, in tune, to relax, realign and refocus. Sometimes the massage stimulates quite a profound release of ‘stuff’ stored in the body, triggering an emotional detox. Every body carries stress and tension in different ways and different places, so each massage I give is designed for the individuals needs on that particular day. I believe Reiki has given me an ability to intuit the body on a very deep level and I’m guided to the areas where tension, stress or issues are held.

The Reiki system originates from a man called Usui Mikao born in the 19th century, who taught his students to self heal using Spiritual practices and disciplines. Healer heal thy self. Treating others is only one aspect of the system, for a practitioner Reiki is a way of life encompassing meditation, energy cleansing, self treatments, precepts, mantras and symbols.
I believe Reiki is one of the best Holistic treatments as it really does work on the whole of you. It seems to unearth the root cause of an ailment, which may well be emotional, mental or spiritual yet manifesting in the physical. To receive Reiki you remain fully clothed, unless you’ve just had a massage. Lying down on the treatment table or sitting up-right in a chair, whichever is more comfortable for you, I lightly place my hands on your head and tune in to your energy. I am then guided (subconsciously by you) to place my hands on various parts of the body and open as a channel for the Spiritual Energy to flow through. You pull the energy in, I do not push it. Sometimes the treatment is quite structured and I place my hands above the main energy centers in the body – crown of head, brow, throat, heart, solar plexus, navel and groin – know as chakras in Indian philosophy. Other times the treatment is purely guided by our combined intuition and my hands are drawn to specific places. Different people feel different things during the treatment and I discuss this with you before and after the session.

Therapies  #03

The word yoga has it’s roots in Sanskrit and one of the translations is union. It is the union of mind, body and spirit which brings about an ability to look at life and its aspects with a balanced perspective. As with the Reiki system being more than just hands on healing, Yoga is more than just physical exercises, it is a way of life and a deeply Spiritual philosophy that is thousands of years old. There are many different styles of yoga but the philosophies and paths lead you to the same place, unity with Oneness.
I love bringing lunar elements in to the practice, depending on where the moon is situated in the zodiac and what body parts that corresponds with. I also bring awareness to the chakras when we hold asanas (postures), breathing in to the energy centers and regulating the flow of prana (energy of the universe). I teach groups and private classes in lots of different places, see events & links page. For private classes or small groups – or call me on 07816782865


What’s in the now….
Yoga Classes
Monday/Friday 10.30am – 12 @ Virgin Active Mill Hill
Tuesday 7.30pm – 8.30pm @ Virgin Active Borehamwood
Friday 5.30pm – 6.30pm @ The Grove Hotel, Watford
Sunday 2.00pm – 3.00pm @ Westminster Lodge Leisure Centre, St Albans for private classes.

On this page I tell you about up and coming Reiki courses and yoga retreats that I’m teaching and provide links to websites I recommend. I tell you about books and people I love and other things I think are cool. If the Reiki courses advertised do not fit in with your desired dates, please email me, as anything is possible!

What’s on my mind today?

Events & Links #01
Making raw organic chocolate is my latest passion! I have been a strict vegan now for nearly six months and my diet is 90% raw. I was never into making food before, to be honest my husband does all the food stuff in our house but since becoming a raw vegan my interest in food preparation has come alive…..maybe because all the food I eat is alive and full of life force? Raw chocolate is bursting with health benefits, yep that’s right, chocolate that’s good for you! Cacao when called by it’s Latin name ‘Theobroma cacao’ translates as FOOD OF THE GODS and I speak from abundant eating experience when I say that the Goddess in me is truly awakened with every bite. The happy feeling I get making this God food becomes elation when eating it and here’s why…..Cacao is full of magnesium, of which most of us are deficient, iron, chromium, trytophan (the amino acid which creates seretonin,the happy hormone) and antioxidants the good guys that go round the body cleaning up after the damaging free radicals. The other ingredients used to make raw choc are packed with minerals such as potassium, calcium and zinc.
Next year I will be selling the ingredients and magic formulas for these Divine Delights. Watch this space…..

The Japanese Art of Reiki by Bronwen & Frans Stiene
Moon Time by Johanna Pauggner & Thomas Poppe
Detox your World by Shazzie
Eating for Beauty by David Wolfe
Japanese Woman Don’t Get Old or Fat by Naomi Moriyama
Reiki for Life by Penelope Quest

Helena Bingham is an amazing nutritionist and I adore her light and loving approach. Her knowledge is immense, her support unlimited and her passion for all things natural is inspirational. She is fabulous and full of fun and most definitely my soul sister!

Liz Bygrave makes the most divine organic, raw chocolate and delicious healthy sweet treats. She does fabulous workshops teaching you to make them too and sells truffle making kits in gorgeous eco-friendly packaging, in fact her truffles are legendary in our house!

Kokoindia is a fantastic bespoke holiday company taking you on journeys all over India. Every detail of your trip is lovingly arranged so whether you are staying in a Maharajah’s palace or cruising the backwaters of Kerala your experience will be divine. Kokoindia host my fabulous yoga retreats in Goa, delivering you to the doorstep of the deluxe beach huts and ensuring your stay is magical.

The McGann Brothers website is run by loving, loyal fans, who have become friends of the family and support everything Joe, Paul, Mark and Stephen do. Michelle once did a charity walk donating every penny of the thousands she raised to the brothers’ chosen charities. For Joe it was the Mayhew Animal Rescue home where we got Marley from

Dee Apolline is an angel, works with angels and teaches others how to work with their angels too. She is an EFT practitioner, Angelic Reiki Master, Aura-Soma practioner and Meridien Therapist. She does workshops, private sessions, group world meditations and anything else she can think of to heal this beautiful planet!

Dreamcatcher is owned by my magical aunt Jackie and uncle Walter. It’s the most beautiful resort in Goa, with stunning individually designed huts, on site Ayurvedic spa and fabulous restaurant. Set on sacred ground (there is the remains of an ancient Shiva temple) which backs on to a tropical river, minutes from Palolem’s palm tree lined beach, you couldn’t dream up a more idyllic location for a holiday. Mention me when you book!

Yogabeats is David Sye’s own style of yoga and it totally rocks! It’s fun, funky, sexy and soulful. He bends the boundaries while you bend your body. I love it and I love him!

Lizzie Falconer is a soul therapist and psychic medium who is so down to earth you feel like you’ve known her for ever