A little about me and my journey….

The first time I went to a yoga class the teacher asked how long I’d been practicing and asked me to demonstrate advanced postures for the rest of the class. At the time I thought my natural flexibility was due to my mother having been a contortionist and because I attended ballet classes from a very early age, now I think it probably has more to do with being a Yogi in another lifetime.
After a 10 year career in the high-octane advertising and TV business I resigned from what I now refer to as my ‘previous life within this life’ to follow the path of Change, Freedom and Unity of Mind, Body, Spirit. I’m passionate about happiness and healing and the belief that we have everything we need within us, honouring the journey of self-discovery with all its ups and downs.
Taking 5 years from my Reiki 1 initiation in India to become a Reiki Master, I now initiate others in to the healing system I credit with having changed my life on a number of emotionally challenging occasions. Reiki is a journey of self healing and self mastery and quite literally, Healer Heal Thy Self. My Reiki Master initiation was from Penelope Quest author of ‘Reiki for Life’ and I assisted on her Reiki 1 and 2 courses before teaching my own. I love sharing the knowledge and wisdom of this Japanese system and hope I do it justice.
I combine my Sports Therapy training with Reiki to create the ultimate deep tissue massage, bringing balance and healing on all levels, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I wholeheartedly believe this is due to the person pulling the energy in, not me pushing it; I’m simply a channel for it to flow through.
I progressed with my Reiki path and continued to practice Yoga, doing my teacher training once I was committed to The Five Points Of Yoga:
Proper Exercise – Asana
Proper Breathing – Pranayama
Proper Relaxation – Savasana
Proper Diet – Mitahara
Positive Thinking and Meditation – Vedanta and Dhyana

I have learned how much the food we eat affects our well being through my own experiences. The more fresh ‘live’ food we eat the more life force we have. I now eat the 90/10 way which means 90% of my diet is raw, organic vegetables and salads and 10% is cooked organic grains such as brown rice and quinoa. I have eaten and exercised my way out of depression and helped others to do the same.
I did my Yoga Teacher Training Course with the Sivananda organisation as I found myself having past life recall when I did the basic Rishikesh series. What I mean is, I was shown a few times and I just knew it, deeply and instinctively and was able to practice alone every morning on the beach where I was living in Goa.
I attend Matt Allen’s dynamic flow classes regularly, Yogabeats with the amazing David Sye and do as many drop ins with different teachers as I can. I believe that teachers can always keep learning from each other as every ‘body’ is different. I find combining different styles brings balance to my Yin and Yang. Beatrice Palazzo taught me to work with the Moon and I love to bring Lunar elements in to classes, according to the Moons positioning at the time of each class.
“What I love most about Yoga is that when you are on the mat that’s all there is, you and the mat. It doesn’t matter what walk of life you come from, rich or poor, to me you are a body, mind and soul trying to achieve unity and The Gods love a trier!”

About Me #02

Sports Therapy Diploma
Fitness Trainer Award 1+2
Body Massage
Nutrition Level 1
Reiki 1+2
Reiki Master Teacher
Yoga Siromani Teacher of Yoga